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Rotary Club of Sri Lanka

The Kinderhut Foundation had carried out extensive emergency medical aid missions in Indonesia with the support of the Rotary Club of Sri Lanka. Board for Reconstruction & Rehabilitation, Banda Aceh, Indonesia – A welfare wing of govt. of Indonesia set up to oversee all relief activities related to Tsunami in Indonesia.

Teach a Class

Teach A Class was started in 2010 when Neil Dsouza and Leila Al-Muthashib were planning their one-year sabbatical from Cisco Systems, United States of America., It  facilitates  education in orphanages by bringing educational content to these eager young minds through hotspots of course materials.

Creative Majlis, UAE

Creative Majlis, a global network of creative professionals & social service enthusiasts, supports Kinderhut Foundation office in Dubai with pro-bono creative/media services


Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Dubai, UAE

Zanzibar, Tanzania


To provide a secure home and loving family for orphaned children around the world

WHO We Are

The foundation set up the first Kinderhut Village (comprising of 14 houses) for orphan children and destitute women in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, one of worst hit Tsunami areas in the world. The institution today is home to over 120 children and 10 mothers (destitute women); fulfilling their every requisite need, from education to vocational training and from rehabilitation to reintegration into family structures.


The story of Kinderhut begins in 2004 around a coffee table in Dubai, where a group of doctors and professionals, shaken like most of the world by the recent Tsunami disaster, decided to pull up their sleeves and help the victims. Not satisfied with the emergency medical aid they offered the survivors in the worst hit areas of Sri Lanka and Indonesia, they returned with a determination to make a bigger difference. In less than a year, in August 2005, the foundation for the maiden Kinderhut Village was laid in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.


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