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Since 2010, my passion for sports has grown for multiple reasons. After all these years of practice, amateur competitions, and sport adventures, I realized it has helped me to improve, remove psychological barriers and fears to become a transformed me (not always better, especially just after the races, my wife will say….).

I share these true benefits with the people I meet to encourage them to begin, in anyway, any place and to start regular progressive exercise for their physical and emotional benefits.

This year, it is with great honour that I am representing Kinderhut orphanage in Dubai Marathon 2023.

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Guido Pitteri

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One needs to be somehow masochist to inflict himself/herself the painful joy of running 42.5 Km but the purpose to collect funds for the orphanage and the education of 100+ children located in the north of Indonesia (Banda Aceh), is a noble cause.

This is why I am rising up to the challenge.


Please join us in raising 50,000 AED in one week (or even double it).


                 Let’s do this together!

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RUN 2 RAISE campaign aims to raise funds for orphans in Kinderhut Indonesia to meet their livelihood, education and other basic needs. The Kinderhut Foundation is an International NGO (Non-government organization), registered in Indonesia. Kinderhut Village today is home to over 100 children and 10 mothers (destitute women); fulfilling their every requisite need, from education to vocational training and from rehabilitation to reintegration into family structures. Kinderhut International is a branch office registered at Dubai International Humanitarian city

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