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The Kinderhut Foundation has a dedicated network of volunteers from various professional and ethnic backgrounds, both in our centre at Banda Aceh, Indonesia and to support our administrative office in Dubai. We are in need for more volunteers to help us manage and promote the activities of Kinderhut both locally and internationally.

Some areas where you can volunteer your services for Kinderhut include Web & IT support, printing and publishing, counselling for women and children, event organising and management support. Please contact us for further details.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kinderhut Foundation.

Please contact us for details on sponsorship opportunities.


Teach A Class was started in 2010 when Neil Dsouza and Leila Al-Muthashib were planning their one-year sabbatical from Cisco Systems, United States of America. It facilitates  education in orphanages by bringing educational content to these eager young minds through hotspots of course materials.

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